A message from Jen...

It feels kind of surreal to be making this announcement however it also feels like the right path at the moment. As most of you will be aware of, I have been working towards gaining my Law Degree and aim to graduate this coming summer. With this in mind, I believe this is the correct time to be putting a focus on my career in Law and pressing the pause button on Excelsior for the time being. Saturday 28th May will be our final day of Paddleboarding Sessions before we close for an extended hiatus.
I have been overwhelmed with the support and interest for sessions this summer – this is not a decision I made lightly.
I am aware that some people have vouchers to redeem. Please can you contact me in order to get this fulfilled before we close. You must contact us prior to the 28th May 2022 or else the vouchers become null and void as we will no longer be trading. I have added a few more sessions that you can check out at www.eola.co/w/1435/activities. For anything after 28th May I highly recommend you contact @central_scotland_adventures as I believe they have a similar ethos and have heard wonderful recommendations about their instructors.
Finally, there are many people I want to thank for their continued support. Behind the scenes, my amazing Dad keeps the Excelsior Mini Bus running smoothly. Thank you to my Directors Caroline and Stephen, who have both supported the Excelsior mission with Caroline also co-founding the amazing Girls SUP Club. Thank you to all my fabulous partners, especially Laura at @glasglowgirlsclub – this partnership has been so special to me and without her I am not sure Excelsior would be where it is today! I am proud of the fleet I own, and will always be proud to be part of the @fatstickboards family – thank you to Andy and Reuben for everything they have done to support Excelsior.
Most importantly, thank you to the woman who does it all. Without my Mum (Morag) I would not have been able to do everything I have with Excelsior and I am eternally grateful for everything she has done for the company.
And a final thank you to you – to everyone who has ever supported an event, shared a picture, liked a post! We have achieved so much and I will miss spending my weekends on the water with you.
Lots of Love, Jen & Bruin x


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